Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't Dis the Yaris, Bro

Saw this article on Yahoo! Finance today:

Wanted-Gas-Mileage-AND-All-the-Goodies: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

It included this about the Yaris:

"The tiny lump-shaped Yaris is nobody's idea of a dream car, but it's about as cheap as any new car you can get. It's very reliable, and it has fuel economy that few cars can match."

Ouch. My Yaris is a dream, jackass. Smooth, reliable and 33 - 34 mpg city (which is not just economical but also relatively responsible). "Dream" is in the mind of the dreamer, no? If you dream of unnecessary stylings and features because you are in a state of arrested development and you tie your self-esteem to the cosmetic aspects of your freaking car, yeah, maybe the Yaris isn't for you. But not everyone dreams of being a shallow, deluded a-hole trying to prove something to himself and various unknown 'others' with his choice of a fancy-pants, unnecessary fuel burning car.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Fountain is On and Spring is Finally Here

We've had a couple of warm days in a row which means we can keep our living room screen doors open, letting in both some fresh air and the soothing sounds of the Manor House fountain.

Brief View of Chicago Skyline from American Airlines Flight 350

On a trip to New York a couple weeks ago I had a great view of the Chicago skyline, which I tried to capture on my Helio. The clip doesn't do the view justice, but what the heck, I'll post it anyway. I wound up screwing it up rather than enhancing the view when I tried to zoom in, so that kind of stinks. But if you look closely within the first 9 or 10 seconds there is a bright light in the lower middle (moving toward lower right hand corner) - that's an illuminated Wrigley Field.

Finally Got to See Avenue Q

Avenue Q @ cadillac theater

After negging me back in 2003 when I suggested we see Avenue Q during a trip to New York (we saw Aida instead - ugh), Judy got us tickets to see the Avenue Q tour in Chicago at the Cadillac Palace. I am not a fan of musicals whatsoever, but throw in some puppets and cursing and I'm good.

The New Yorker's review sums it up about right:
An ingenious combination of “The Real World” and “Sesame Street,” the show presents the friends on Avenue Q as something both more and less than “Friends.” In a city where dreams are invariably dashed—when they’re not disseminated on Gap ads—the neighbors perform a cranky and adorable skit called Life.

Below are a couple of clips from other performances. A/V quality isn't the greatest, but you can get some sense of the show.

Everyone's a little bit racist

The internet is for porn

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Signal from the Markets

Barron's Getting Technical: Bears are circling the market
Image Source: Barron's

I noted in February that I was taking a signal from the markets to adjust my investing strategy. Recent action has been interesting, waiting to see if momentum could truly break into a longer term positive trend or not. According to this Getting Technical article from Barron's, it looks like the mini rally may be gassed. I'll be watching closely.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Should be Watching 'That Mitchell & Webb Look'

Screenshot of That Mitchell and Webb Look's homepage

You Should be Watching 'That Mitchell and Web Look'.

E.g. - a few sample clips found on YouTube

The Bad Vicar

Jump Off a Cliff - 2 Quid

The Snooker Commentators
(the riffs on 'Chris Lester' remind me of listening to Chip Caray waxing on about how strappingly handsome various Cubs players were)

Tonite's Agenda

Tonite's Agenda: Guinness and a second viewing of Fresa Y Chocolate, this time looking for familiar scenery.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Why Must Airport Security Lines @ MIA Always Suck?

They always suck, too, unlike @ ORD where you can occasionally get lucky. I've never had a good experience @ MIA.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guinness @ 'Indigo'

Guinness @ 'Indigo' - the restaurant @ Miami Intercontinental hotel. Not sure I have ever seen Guinness in this kind of glass. It also arrived in 30 seconds. Maybe that's what I get for ordering a Guinness in Miami.

Least Compelling Bus Ad Ever?

Saw this on the way to work this morning. The copy reads something like 'a bewitching cross of Danny Kaye and all the Marx brothers'. Okay. Good luck with that.

Waiting for a Taxi @ MIA

Really hot waiting for a taxi in Miami

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Evening Progresses

Evening Progresses - Guinness draught can in a Safe House glass from Milwaukee's unique spy themed bar/restaurant, courtesy of my wife the Marquette alumnus.

Tonite's Menu

Tonite's Menu: a Pinot Noir received from friends and 'El Che: Investigating a Legend'

Thursday, May 01, 2008

David Gergen - Born, or Hatched?

David Gergen
Image Source:

David Gergen is a smart guy, but he looks more like he was hatched than born, doesn't he?

The image above doesn't truly capture it, but I couldn't quickly find anything better. You really need to watch him on video (he's on CNN nightly it seems) to experience it fully.