Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't Dis the Yaris, Bro

Saw this article on Yahoo! Finance today:

Wanted-Gas-Mileage-AND-All-the-Goodies: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

It included this about the Yaris:

"The tiny lump-shaped Yaris is nobody's idea of a dream car, but it's about as cheap as any new car you can get. It's very reliable, and it has fuel economy that few cars can match."

Ouch. My Yaris is a dream, jackass. Smooth, reliable and 33 - 34 mpg city (which is not just economical but also relatively responsible). "Dream" is in the mind of the dreamer, no? If you dream of unnecessary stylings and features because you are in a state of arrested development and you tie your self-esteem to the cosmetic aspects of your freaking car, yeah, maybe the Yaris isn't for you. But not everyone dreams of being a shallow, deluded a-hole trying to prove something to himself and various unknown 'others' with his choice of a fancy-pants, unnecessary fuel burning car.