Sunday, January 31, 2010

Colombian soccer on GolTV (Now you tell me)

Millionarios v Nacional on ...
Post bocce night, post SNL, I pulled up my recording of Millionarios vs Nacional. Learned that Millionarios is the premier tream from Bogota and that Nacional is one of two solid clubs from Medellin.

Further research on Wikipedia revealed that the souvenir shop coffee mug I picked up in Bogota for La Equidad is kind of like picking up a White Sox mug in Chicago instead of a Cubs mug, or maybe a Mets mug in NY instead of a Yankees mug. Yes, La Equidad is a team based in Bogota, but they are absolutely not the city's iconic club.

In fact, if you check out the historical performance by club within Colombia's Primera A, you see that they are one of the three least successful clubs in the league. No wonder why there was only one token mug in that store, sitting there amid dozens of Independente Medellin mugs.