Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lookalikes - Michelle Obama, Sigourney Weaver & Emmanuel Lewis

I have been trying to solve the riddle of what Michelle Obama's smile / smirk reminds me of and it finally came to me the other day. It's some blend of Sigourney Weaver and Emmanuel Lewis. And I mean this in the best possible way.

Michelle Obama -image source - the black snob
Image source: The Black Snob

Sigourney Weaver - image source -
Image source:

Michelle Obama
Image source:

Michelle Obama
Image source: CNN

Emmanuel Lewis ExpoSay
Image source: ExpoSay

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lookalikes: VP Nominee Joe Biden and Sam the Eagle from the Muppets

Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? Just saying ...

Sam the Eagle profile
Image source: Missymartin Missives

Joe Biden profile
Image source: Kevin Dayhoff

Sam the Eagle with flag
Image source Bleed Cubbie Blue

Joe Biden with patriotic CNN backdrop
Image source: Independents Unite

Sam the Eagle @ the podium
Image source: Muppet Wiki

Image source: New York Press

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Russian Foreign Minister in WSJ - Not Sounding so Friendly

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to this issue, but while catching up on this week's WSJ content, I found the the opinion piece by Sergey Lavrov.

A couple excerpts:

"Another real issue is U.S. military involvement with the government of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. Did Washington purposely encourage an irresponsible and unpredictable regime in this misadventure?"

"Of course, that strategic dialogue has not led us too far since last fall, including on the issue of U.S. missile defense sites in Eastern Europe and the future of the strategic arms reduction regime. But the threat itself to drop these issues from our bilateral agenda is very indicative of the cost of the choice being made in Washington in favor of the discredited regime in Tbilisi. The U.S. seems to be eager to punish Russia to save the face of a failed "democratic" leader at the expense of solving the problems that are much more important to the entire world."

Wow. Guess Biden was virtually a must for Obama given the current geo-political climate.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Michael Phelps = Eli Manning + Gheorghe Muresan

During Michael Phelps' Olympic run the thing I noticed was not his pool prowess, but his resemblance to Gheorghe Muresan, with a bit of Eli Manning mixed in. It's not a perfect lookalike, but you wouldn't be surprised if at a Muresan family BBQ you turned and saw Phelps playing lawn darts or something.

UPDATE: FilteringCraig has great pictures illustrating the resemblance.

Michael Phelps on SI cover
Image source:

Gheorghe Muresan
Image source:

eli manning
Image source: NYPost

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Workshop Discussing Condo Association Law (or, what I did with my Tuesday night and now I'm wondering how my life led me here)

Just a couple of snaps from the session (actually pretty informative) held at the 1210 W. Elmdale branch of the Chicago Public Library:

note the dude rocking the sweet robin's egg blue kangol lid

Just a couple of snaps from the session (actually pretty informative) held at the 1210 W. Elmdale branch of the Chicago Public Library

Just a couple of snaps from the session (actually pretty informative) held at the 1210 W. Elmdale branch of the Chicago Public Library

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~24 Hours to / from New York

Miscellaneous snap shots capturing a variety of things I did / encountered during a roughly 24 hour trip to / from New York this past Monday & Tuesday.

Loud clown @ gate H18 in O'Hare
This guy was rockin' the penny loafers with no socks look and a sweet bracelet while talking loudly on his cell phone and/or singing (one way or another it was important for everyone in the vicinity to know he was there). Clown.


Fashion crime in the Laguardia cab line
Then I was behind this guy at LGA while waiting for a taxi. Jean carpenter shorts plus black shoes? Maybe it's in and I'm the one who's clueless - that's totally possible.


W Tuscany on E. 39th St.
I have stayed here once before. Got room 604 this time. Pretty nice.

W Tuscany - rm 604

What I didn't realize last time was that they have a decent little gym.

Sweat - gym @ W Tuscany

Lunch @ Brgr
After some meetings @ ESPN, I found my way over to Brgr (another place I tried a few months ago). Next time I'm getting a real meat burger. Veggie burgers are good, but they kind of fall apart on you.


Meeting @ Weiden & Kennedy's office on Varick St.
Definitely more interesting space than what I'm used to.

Weiden & Kennedy in NYC

Cab to LGA
Something (probably boredom) inspired me to take this clip during the cab ride over to LGA. At least traffic was moving along at this point.

Peace in the Admirals Club
For a while it was nice and quiet, with the sun shining outside all looked good for smooth travels back home.

peaceful in the admirals lounge at LGA

Then the Jackass showed up
But then this guy showed up, talking overly loudly and overly proudly about some on-air appearance he had just made. Sounded like he may have appeared on Fox. Best part of the call was when whoever was on the other end cut it short. Maybe something suddenly came up, but I like to think that s/he was as uninterested as the rest of us were and just decided to cut the Jackass off finally.

Self important jackass @ LGA

The Upgrade

AA boarding pass

This was key. I had a decent seat, exit aisle, but threw my hat in the upgrade request ring just in case. Got a friendly gate agent who told me it looked good. (She reminded me of Bernice from Barney Miller).

Florence Stanely, aka Bernice from Barney Miller
Image source:

Wound up getting the upgrade, which was key, b/c we sat on the runway @ LGA for at least 45 minutes before taking off. And the free wine is always nice, too.