Friday, March 23, 2007

USA 2.0 Mashup - Laotian Rap

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Another tip from Current TV, and [of course] YouTube. Actually, it's not bad, either. Move Some'm, by Lao Crimino.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Teen Girl Squad #11

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Brilliant dialogue snippet from Teen Girl Squad #11:

"I thought this was Coach Conrad's sit up camp for shirtless boys"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

You Should Check Out Gonzales:
The Jewish-Canadian Hip Hop Prankster

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His name is Gonzales and he hangs out with Puppetmastaz.
Saw him on Current. Reeled in by the subtle brilliance of declaring himself a "Jewish-Canadian Hip Hop Prankster", I found a little more on YouTube [of course]. Learned that Mr. Maloke [in top hat, below], announced the Congress of Puppetry, in Berlin.

Photo source: Nouveau Monde

Not for nothing, but Gonzales looks a bit like a cross between Lou Ferrigno and Bronson Pinchot.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

No, It looks good on you, though

I've seen a couple of women seriously wearing these things around lately. Which is great, if you're going for the Uri look from the 2005 Smirnoff Ice ads.

"....this here is my homeboy Gorb - he's real crazy dude"

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Jeopardy for Morons

And brilliant TV programming, given the state of society:
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Michael J Partridge?

Anyone else see Melissa Etheridge during the Oscars and think she looked a little bit like Shirley Jones dressing up like Michael J. Fox [or vice versa?]

Buy less crap? How about spew less crap?

Heard about Buy Less Crap today and checked it out. While it is difficult to argue with the value in giving directly to charities [e.g., The Global Fund] that benefit from the (Product)RED campaign, I think this is just another typical, over-simplified, knee-jerk reaction from radical narcissists who relish any opportunity to illustrate how sensationally clever they can be in skewering the capitalistic bogeyman du jour, never mind the facts of the situation. Any material benefits to The Cause from their grandstanding antics are merely a bonus outcome - the primary goal of their histrionic mewling is to boost their 'F-the-Man' cred at their local co-op grocery store. 'Hey, Gideon - saw your site. Really awesome! And have you tried the FairTrade Soy Foot Lotion yet?'

Note to would-be activists: it isn't an either/or proposition, dumbass. While you may not approve of it, the majority of the population still lives outside of The Commune. People still need material goods, so if they are going to buy them anyway, isn't it better that even a small fraction of the proceeds are directed to The Cause, rather than nothing? Would you rather The Cause just not receive those funds? 'No thanks, we cannot accept your donation because we more-altruistic-than-thou types disdain your lifestyle.'

Also something to ponder - if we all retreat to our individual Waldens weaving our own clothing from old newspaper scraps and eating bark, who will generate the income that can fund donations to The Cause?

Alert: Another TV a** clown to avoid

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Please, for the love of all that is good in this world [e.g., see this, or this, or, more seriously, this], don't watch the Glenn Beck show. I know his show isn't new, but it took awhile for me to work up the energy to bother posting this. I used to watch a lot of CNN Headline News, but haven't watched at all since they put a-holes like Beck and Nancy Grace on.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wish I thought of this ...

Visit the site for more info and order some stickers. Do your part to let infuriating morons know that we're on to them.