Monday, May 26, 2008

Finally Got to See Avenue Q

Avenue Q @ cadillac theater

After negging me back in 2003 when I suggested we see Avenue Q during a trip to New York (we saw Aida instead - ugh), Judy got us tickets to see the Avenue Q tour in Chicago at the Cadillac Palace. I am not a fan of musicals whatsoever, but throw in some puppets and cursing and I'm good.

The New Yorker's review sums it up about right:
An ingenious combination of “The Real World” and “Sesame Street,” the show presents the friends on Avenue Q as something both more and less than “Friends.” In a city where dreams are invariably dashed—when they’re not disseminated on Gap ads—the neighbors perform a cranky and adorable skit called Life.

Below are a couple of clips from other performances. A/V quality isn't the greatest, but you can get some sense of the show.

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