Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Revisiting ABC's Wide World of Sports, Brunch @ LaGuardia and Jerks on Airplanes

Today started with a meeting in a conference room that celebrated ABC's Wide World of Sports.

ABC Conference room - wide world of sports

There were some brilliant, classic photos of sports figures from 'yesteryear', as noted in an earlier post.

Our meeting ended right at lunch time, but we resisted the urge to stop at Miracle Two Fish Plaza, opting to get food at the airport.

Miracle Two Fish Plaza - Harlem

At LGA we had brunch from Brooklyn National. Though this "Big Boy Breakfast" was tempting, I went with an omelet/burrito, which hit the spot.

Big boy breakfast @ brooklyn national lga

Still had about an hour or so before boarding, so we holed up in the Admirals Lounge for a while.

Admirals lounge @ LGA

Then I sat next to the kind of jackass who leaves his newspapers all over the floor of the plane. Seriously - who raised you? Most distracted five year olds have better manners than this.

Jerk on plane leaving a mess

Good news: we got on a relatively early flight back home. Bad news: traffic was brutal from O'Hare to downtown. So I snapped a couple shots of the many inbound planes that went directly over me as I sat in bumper-to-bumper gridlock.

Plane coming right over traffic into ORD

Underneath an inbound plane by ORD

Roughly an hour after leaving O'Hare I had covered the 13.1 miles to my house and saw the familiar, welcoming beauty of the Broadway and Ridge intersection, featuring the gaudy purple and yellow condo complex and the wall-sized OOH ad for Park Plaza Retirement Center, which advertises itself with a suave, nattily dressed elderly gentlemen and the tag line, "Chicago's Premier Kosher Retirement Community".

Broadway and ridge intersection

Chicago's Premier Kosher Retirement Community