Sunday, March 02, 2008

Night for Ninos

Night for Ninos @ River East Arts Center

Thanks to Google, who was sponsoring a table and invited me along as a guest, Judy and I went to Night for Ninos at the River East Arts Center. Proceeds from ticket sales, live auction and the silent auction all go to support the Fabretto Children's Foundation, which helps families in Nicaragua secure educational opportunities -- as well as basics needs --- for their children.

live auctioneer from australia

It was a nice event, including an auctioneer they claim was from some 'dusty corner of Australia' who did a good job of working the room. There was a band, too, with a Lisa Simpson-like female saxonphonist.

female saxophonist

The evening wrapped with a trip out in our permafrosted courtyard to exercise the hounds. Yes, it's March now. And it seems like we've had snow on the ground for 90% of the winter.

courtyard @ 1021 W. Bryn Mawr, night, snow covered