Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coming Soon - My Expanding UGC Footprint (I Bought a New Camcorder)

I'm heading out on vacation in 8 days and I needed a new camcorder. Current one is 4+ years old, records on mini tapes and I've never managed to do anything useful with any of the footage (someday, someday). So while I'm kind of a photography freak (prolific, if not talented), my contributions to the world of user generated video consist only of a few embarrassingly weak clips from my Helio.

I considered a few different options, including the Sanyo Xacti HD1000, but after reading a few reviews discussing what you need to really edit and view HD video, I realized I'm flat out not yet up for that.

Liking the form factor of the Sanyo, I checked out a couple of standard reviews for the more entry level product, the Sanyo Xacti CG6, like this brief one from Engadget. But what closed the deal for me was this brilliantly simple and earnest review from adric22 on YouTube:

You have to tip your hat to people like adric22. This had to take some time to put together, and if you check out the comments on his video, it's clear that people have found it very helpful.

If you want to buy your own Sanyo Xacti CG6, and you don't mind me getting my cut from the Amazon Associates program, check it out via the links above or below.