Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nigeria advertising its 'brand' and 'values'

Up until a couple of weeks ago I'd have never really thought twice about the kind of nonsense advertisement I just saw on CNN International for the Heart of Africa. I'd have just dismissed it as more fluff and wasted media money by some deluded and misguided government. But after reading and commenting upon a recent NYTimes article, I had to check out a bit of what they were advertising.
The 'Heart of Africa' site is not much more than an embarrassingly amateurish propaganda effort developed by this half-ass consulting outfit who apparently really feel they are good with the diagrams [see here and here].
For what it's worth, I also found this official press release on the same sex relationship ban within the The Official Information Gateway of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which trades links with the 'Heart of Africa' site.
Net: they are simultaneously trumpeting their ass-backwards views on same sex relationships and their self-annointed status as the 'Heart of Africa'. Any companies doing business with this poor imitation of a modern civilization should be embarrassed.