Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mustache update

On day 11 of facial hair growth, I shaved the goatee crutch down to a true mustache for about 3 hours of public ridicule. Will post pictures once I have them. The unveiling occurred at Butch McGuire's Tavern on Division. Fortunately, this bar is usually a bit of circus anyway, so it's not a bad place to roll in with a stache, as you can find other people's antics provide some cover. This afternoon, for example, there were girls from Yahoo getting a little racy with a blow up doll that had been Santa-ized.

Note: This post was edited on 5/30/07 because I was getting 30+ referrals per day related to the 'blow up doll' reference, so I unlinked from the image I had found back in December.