Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~24 Hours to / from New York

Miscellaneous snap shots capturing a variety of things I did / encountered during a roughly 24 hour trip to / from New York this past Monday & Tuesday.

Loud clown @ gate H18 in O'Hare
This guy was rockin' the penny loafers with no socks look and a sweet bracelet while talking loudly on his cell phone and/or singing (one way or another it was important for everyone in the vicinity to know he was there). Clown.


Fashion crime in the Laguardia cab line
Then I was behind this guy at LGA while waiting for a taxi. Jean carpenter shorts plus black shoes? Maybe it's in and I'm the one who's clueless - that's totally possible.


W Tuscany on E. 39th St.
I have stayed here once before. Got room 604 this time. Pretty nice.

W Tuscany - rm 604

What I didn't realize last time was that they have a decent little gym.

Sweat - gym @ W Tuscany

Lunch @ Brgr
After some meetings @ ESPN, I found my way over to Brgr (another place I tried a few months ago). Next time I'm getting a real meat burger. Veggie burgers are good, but they kind of fall apart on you.


Meeting @ Weiden & Kennedy's office on Varick St.
Definitely more interesting space than what I'm used to.

Weiden & Kennedy in NYC

Cab to LGA
Something (probably boredom) inspired me to take this clip during the cab ride over to LGA. At least traffic was moving along at this point.

Peace in the Admirals Club
For a while it was nice and quiet, with the sun shining outside all looked good for smooth travels back home.

peaceful in the admirals lounge at LGA

Then the Jackass showed up
But then this guy showed up, talking overly loudly and overly proudly about some on-air appearance he had just made. Sounded like he may have appeared on Fox. Best part of the call was when whoever was on the other end cut it short. Maybe something suddenly came up, but I like to think that s/he was as uninterested as the rest of us were and just decided to cut the Jackass off finally.

Self important jackass @ LGA

The Upgrade

AA boarding pass

This was key. I had a decent seat, exit aisle, but threw my hat in the upgrade request ring just in case. Got a friendly gate agent who told me it looked good. (She reminded me of Bernice from Barney Miller).

Florence Stanely, aka Bernice from Barney Miller
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Wound up getting the upgrade, which was key, b/c we sat on the runway @ LGA for at least 45 minutes before taking off. And the free wine is always nice, too.