Monday, April 07, 2008

Interesting Absolut ad

Absolut In an Absolut World ad - Mexico & U.S. borders

Absolut Vodka apologizes for this ad // Current

Would be something if the brand all of sudden reclaimed some lost coolness b/c it is no longer being called/bought by small-minded reactionaries who are demanding Absolut apologize for this. Fewer brand impressions of backwards thinking knobs holding your product = addition by subtraction.

UPDATE: 4/8/08
Just learned more of the backstory on this and the depth and breadth of idiotic, xenophobic mob-think is worse than I thought.

* Original post from Laura Martinez.

* Some follow up on

Check out the comments in both places. Some reasonable people, but seems to be a greater share of stupefying bleats from jackasses who are the very embodiment of what limits this country / the human race. Who mates with these people and keeps their sorry seed in the gene pool?