Friday, February 29, 2008

Insensitive Moron, or Movie Business as Usual?

I come across the word "inbred" so rarely in print that it can't help but jump out. And there it was in today's scanning of BuzzFeed:

The Inbred Look

After reading a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article about it, my thoughts on this range a bit all over the place.

First, some disbelief and mild disgust about the callous superiority complex someone must possess in order to issue such a casting call.

Next, some cynicism, thinking that this very likely could be a deliberate stunt to stir up any kind of PR/notoriety (and again, it takes a special caliber of person to concoct such a crass scheme to achieve this cheap objective).

Lastly, on a mostly unrelated note, while the "inbred" characterization/slur is unduly harsh and certainly not representative of West Virginians, what the heck is going on there that they continue to elect idiot Senator extraordinaire, Robert Byrd.