Sunday, April 04, 2010

After Spending a Good Chunk of Saturday Driving Back and Forth on Devon, We Capped the Day with Dinner on Devon

While I know it's just one of many colorful Chicago neighborhoods, the stretch of Devon between say Ravenswood and California is one I always find very visually interesting. Sari shops next to grocery stores next to store fronts offering GSM phone unlocking services next to restaurants next to the National Bank of Pakistan next to etc. etc. etc. Sensory overload.

2010-04-03 15.37.52.jpg

And it's jamming at all hours. 3pm traffic. 9pm bumper to bumper traffic. Never stops. Great energy and people watching, as long as you're not in a hurry. And since there is plenty of time at every stop sign and red light, I decided to talk some random shots as I crawled along the strip yesterday.

2010-04-03 15.36.26.jpg

Love seeing the Cabbage sale featured prominently in the Patel Brothers window.

2010-04-03 15.14.49.jpg

Still need to get into Adelphi some day and try the fine Indian wine that the sign seductively promotes.

2010-04-03 15.37.26.jpg

2010-04-03 15.14.33.jpg

Flyer in the window is for 'Free English Classes for Women'. Knowledge is power.

2010-04-03 15.36.03.jpg

2010-04-03 15.16.07.jpg

I'm not 100% sure what Nayab Mart carries, but if you're in a pinch at 3am, they'll be open for you.

2010-04-03 15.37.33.jpg

All this driving back and forth on Devon got me in the mood for an Indian dinner. It had been a few months so we were due.

2010-04-03 20.34.11.jpg

Though I was almost swayed by the Chop Suey Cocktail Lounge, I couldn't quite persuade Judy that was a good idea.

We intended to try something other than our usual (Indian Garden), but Al-Habib Grill failed because it didn't look like they served alcohol and I was ready for at least one beer last night. Then we considered giving Tiffin another chance, but as we walked up to its fancy, stylish exterior we peeked inside and saw the boring grid layout of tables that were just a bit too close together and remembered why we didn't like it the last time we were there. So, we walked on to the old stand by.

But at least we mixed it up some. First, no wine. Kingfisher to wash it down, as it probably should be.


Then, we went the three app and split one entree route, finally learning after umpteen visits that we always have way too much leftover when we each get our own entree.

Vegetable samosas, cashewnut rolls and aloo tikka

Murg makhani and kandhari naan

And the main dish, Murg Makhani, which was excellent with the Kandhari Naan.