Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spending a Saturday Watching Hockey and Making Questionable Food Decisions

While most other people were resting up and getting ready to watch some Elite 8 basketball games, a friend and I were going to watch the * real * tournament: Mens Hockey. Specifically, the Northeast Regional opening game between BC and Alaska.

After a false start at Trinity, an alleged BC bar that confirmed multiple times over the phone they'd be showing the game but then didn't actually have the necessary channel, we fell back to the old stand by, Finley Dunne's. It's kind of in no man's land @ Lincoln and Cornelia, but you'll know you're in the right area when you see the landmark Pelly's Liquors sign.

pelly's liquors

With a swarm of about 7 fans, we managed to get the D2 mens basketball championship pushed off the main TV.

front and center @ finley dunne's

The Tang Burger was surprisingly good. And before all was said and done, about 80% of those tater tots were gone, too.

tang burger w/ tater tots & guinness

Oddly, or maybe typically, there seemed to be some kind of private party happening in the backroom that involved young couples with toddlers. But if that wasn't weird enough, three grandmas ambled in and grabbed the table next to us.

three unexpected grandmas @ finley dunne's

Inertia took over after the hockey game and we wound up watching the whole Butler / K State game, too. But I try to limit my Saturday afternoon drinking to no more than 6 hours, so after that it was time to schlep back home via the L.

paulina L platform
Finley Dunne's is conveniently located near the Paulina brown line stop

With the wife out having a girls' day / night and therefore abandoning me for dinner, I was left to fend for myself. And that equals El Norte.

espero para mi burrito

All in all, a solid way to spend a gray, chilly Saturday afternoon in March.