Saturday, September 20, 2008

21 Hours in New York

Had a quick trip for some meetings. Managed to pack a few things into 21 hours.

Stayed at the Flatotel (see my review).

Flatotel rm 910

They didn't have a mini bar, so I found Cafe Duke, which was brilliant (another mini review).

Cafe Duke

Look past the piles of trash - place is brilliant inside

Had some meetings at ESPN. Love this particular wall whenever I see it.


Enjoyed a nice lunch at The Palm.

Parmesan truffle fries @ the palm

'Parmesan Truffle Fries' with the Palm's beer (sort of Bass like)

tuna burger @ the palm

Ground Ahi Tuna burger with sweet potato fries (which were brilliant)

Got 5 minutes of fresh air on a brilliant late summer afternoon that felt like fall.


And saw one of the MNF out of home installations with the turf effect.

MNF OOH near ESPN's ofc