Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Thoughts & Observations on the Sarah Palin Thing: Idiot Voters

Why is it that we make people pass a test in order to drive a car but require no similar demonstration of competence before letting people vote? This has certainly crossed my mind before. But while reading WSJ's "Palin's Star Power Can Outshine McCain" the other day, I was stopped in my tracks by the pure stupidity exhibited by my fellow U.S. voter Ann Breshears in this passage:

Ann Breshears, 69 years old, who came to Monday's rally, says she used to support Sen. Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, but now plans to vote for McCain-Palin. "She's like the people I know," she said. "Her husband snowmobiles. We drive tractors and fly airplanes."

Attention Ms. Breshears: we are not talking about determining who should be captain of the bowling team or who you'd like to volunteer with at the Bake Sale on Sundays. This is the Presidential Election. Please tell me you take into consideration something a bit more relevant than the Vice President nominee's recreational preferences.

Mike Judge was right